How to Invest in Fortnite (and why you should!)

What is Fortnite Battle Royale?

So if you’ve been on the internet at all these past few months, you’ve probably seen or heard of the recent hit game called Fortnite Battle Royale. (For future reference, Fornite and Fortnite Battle Royale are two separate games. For this post, I will be discussing only Fortnite Battle Royale when I reference Fortnite). Right now, it is the most played game Fortnite Top 10 Emotes In Fortnite Battle Royale (Fortnite Dances In Real Life) - YouTubeas well as most viewed and streamed on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.TV, and you’ll even see many non-gamers doing Fortnite related videos such as the new recent trend of Fortnite dancing.

Before I discuss how you can invest in Fortnite, let me give you a little background on the game for those who don’t know much about this video game.

First off, Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale game created and published by Epic Games and is currently in an early-release stage. Battle Royale is a gaming genre which essentially means players randomly drop into a map, and the sole objective is to scavenge for supplies and then either kill every other player or survive until you are the last-man-standing. Think Hunger Games.

Much like Facebook after MySpace, Google after Yahoo, and Apple after Nokia, Fortnite is another example of a successful game-changing product that is not a first mover or pioneer in the category/industry (pun intended). In fact, PUBG, a game very similar to Fortnite and also came first, was quite popular and controlled the market before Fortnite (based off numbers/statistics. I don’t play either game, so there is no bias here). One huge that PUBG made was making the game has a price sticker of $30, while Fortnite is instead a free-to-play PC game which made consumer acquisition much easier, and is instead able to take advantage of the freemium model that has been very successful in recent years (freemium = free to play, but pay for bonuses & cosmetics). Don’t get me wrong though, PUBG is in no way a failure, as over 40 million copies of the game were sold across all platforms. However, Fortnite, in just a few months since release, has already amassed over 45 million players and is, as I mentioned earlier, currently the most popular video game. I mean, when you start seeing a video game make news headlines on Google and news front pages, you know you’ve hit the world by storm.

Some other crazy statistics about Fortnite:

So, How DO I invest in Fortnite?

So, you want to somehow invest in Fortnite? Well, just like if you wanted to invest in The Avengers movies, there’s no direct way of investing in individual movies; instead, you’d had to invest in Disney, which owns Marvel Entertainment, the creators, and publishers of The Avengers franchise.

But who owns Fortnite? As I mentioned earlier, Fortnite was created and published by Epic Games. But guess who owns Epic Games? A very unknown (In NA) Chinese tech giant called Tencent (TCEHY) owns about 40% of Epic Games.

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What is Tencent? (TCEHY) twin skyscrapers located in China’s Silicon Valley (Shenzhen), Tencent is a multinational investment holding company currently with over a 500 billion market value at number 5 on the public market cap size and is ahead of Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, Alibaba, JP Morgan, and J&J in value. Since going public on the Hong Kong stock market in 2004, it’s gone up over 11,000%!


If you live in China, Tencent probably controls your life. Tencent developed WeChat, one of the world’s most popular apps, with over 1 billion monthly users and 900+ million daily active users. So what exactly is WeChat? You’ve probably guessed or already know that one of its main purposes is to function as a social media & messaging app, but in China, it is dubbed as a “super app” or “app for everything.” Payment services, augmented reality, city services (for booking and transportation) & artificial intelligence integration are just a few things that WeChat is offering/developing.

Here are just a few other investments and industry that Tencent is involved in:

  • E-Commerce: Tencent owns 15% of JD.COM (the 2nd largest e-commerce platform behind Alibaba Group)
  • Music: A majority stake in Tencent Music Entertainment, which has more than 700 million active users and 120 million paying subscribers, the world’s largest and most profitable. 
  • Tenpay (Chinese version of Paypal)
  • Tencent is the largest video-game publisher in the world (by revenue)
  • Dubbed as China’s most valuable company by WSJ

Tencent in America

But wait! There is more…Tencent wasn’t satisfied with dominating the Chinese/Asian market, that they decided to make their presence known in America. is the world’s largest video-game publisher by revenue. We already mentioned that Tencent owns Epic Games (100%). But although Fortnite might be the biggest game of 2018, there is another video game that has created a massive audience in the past few years, and that is the game League of Legends, created and published by Riot Games.  And yes, Tencent owns 100% of Riot Games. And let’s not forget video-game APPS, because Tencent owns 84.3% of Supercell, the publisher of Clash of Clans (long-standing most played app).

Tencent also has investments in Tesla (5%), Snapchat (12%), and Activision Blizzard (~5%). And somehow, not only does Tencent have the world’s largest music entertainment service, but they also managed to own 10% of Spotify, which dominates music streaming in NA. And with the recent NBA finals ending, the Chinese can thank Tencent who is responsible for NBA broadcasts in China. 

I think everyone would be quite impressed by this dark horse company. Tencent snuck up on everyone and became the 5th most valuable company in the stock market all while everyone was focused on the Zuckerberg and Facebook’s privacy scandal…

So, if you want to invest in Fortnite (and 100+ other great things), look no further than Tencent, China’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, EA, and Spotify, all in ONE.

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  2. […] How to Invest in Fortnite (and why you should!) […]


  3. […] How to Invest in Fortnite (and why you should!) […]


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