Markets Insights: March Outlook

March 13, 2020

Trying something new

Before I always tried to produce quality articles. But I’ve realized that I have a lot of quantity in me, and I want to make sure I share these ideas as well for those that care. I’ve been very active on Instagram and Facebook (@downtofinance) so follow me there if you like this type of content. I’m going to start producing more content on this website as well – more of my quick thoughts and insights regarding the stock market. I hope you enjoy. Happy investing.

March Markets Outlook

Tl;dr at bottom

🏦FED rate cut imminent despite last weeks emergency cut

🏦QE likely for stimulus, might produce BOUNCE 📈

🏦if FED starts purchasing stocks like Hong Kong government did back in the 1997 handover back to China, might be a crazy move 


📉Recession might be in the works. Again we need two consecutive quarters of NEGATIVE growth, if this quarter shows bad news then we might be in for the long haul

🐻11-years of a bull market was historically the best years. Let’s not get this wrong guys, the people saying BTFD right now are hysterically bullish. I am a long term 🐮 but I’m also practical. We are due for a recession, and a bear market generally coincides with that. Best to operate expecting the worst for now, given our two black 🦢 looming (oil price-war and CV19(, this is comparatively scary to 2008 and 9/11

💵🤑LIQUIDITY scramble. Boeing and United accessed their credit lines, cruises are strapped for cash flows, CCL closed for two months, Disney closed their 26B revenue resorts, delayed Mulan, so they’re gonna need cash if for operations, they’ll see this pain for a few quarters. I’m looking to make a long-term put spread on Disney.

📊Earnings in April will show the true damage… This month is hectic, let’s see how much panic next month causes with all the earnings. SFIX dropped 40% on earnings this week. Katrina Lake I love you tho so don’t worry I’m LONG KATRINA 🐂😘

🕵️‍♂️Anyways, for investors, you want to buy when there’s blood in the streets, yet I see like 50% of people here saying it’s good buying opportunities, which shows there’s still some (unwarranted) optimism. The truly best time to buy is when the MOST BULLISH PERSON turns bearish. Trying to predict that inflection point though is a fools gamble. Dollar cost average is your friend, value-cost average if you can afford it. In my opinion we have a bit of ways to go, given our overvalued markets and debt.

Current Positions:


Watchlist for long-term investments: MSFT, AAPL, GOOG, NFLX, AMZN, FB, SFIX, OKTA, NIO, DIS

Happy investing


📉 I’m still bearish, no reason to suggest otherwise
🏦 Follow FED closely for QE, rate cuts, stimulus
🦢◼️ Black swansssss are hard to fight, this is comparative to 9/11 and 2008
🔍 Making bank on travel and tourism puts (CCL, UAL, RCL, NCHL, DIS, AAL)

All thoughts on this website are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional financial advice. Always do you own research and due diligence.



One response to “Markets Insights: March Outlook”

  1. Jim Borden Avatar

    nice analysis, Jeff. Have you looked at Toll Brothers or JP Morgan?


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